What to Look for When Choosing a Home Service

Choosing which company to hire for an in home service can take a bit of research if you want to make the best choice. Of course you want a service that is going to be friendly and treat you and your home with courteously and respect, but this is really only the beginning. It all comes down to the quality of work you are receiving for whether it’s a repair, painting service, a fence builder or cleaning. Basically, did they fix the problem you needed them to handle? This, along with how I feel when the work is over (did I get a good deal for my money) is how I judge the quality of service im receiving.

But sometimes, there is a bit more to it that how the work looks from the naked eye. For example, when you hire a carpet cleaner you may not know exactly what you are getting even though your carpeting may appear cleaner; let me explain. Basically, depending on the company you use, they will use a difference process to clean your carpets. These can vary by the chemicals (or lack thereof) used, how powerful the machines are and how much water is being put down, something that can affect how long it takes your carpets or rugs to dry.

With an increased focus on doing my diligence before hiring anyone these days I found the below comparison chart showing the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning process on the left and traditional steam cleaning on the right. You can find the location I personally use here. It was the reason I chose them over steam cleaners. After you read the chart you will probably understand why.

chem-dry vs steam clean comparison

If you were thinking about using them to or simply need a good home cleaning service I would definitely give them a try. I found them to meet my first criteria of being friendly, professional, and respectful (my dogs even liked them). I was very satisfied with the results of the cleaning too especially how quickly it took for my rugs to dry since I was having family over that same night after they cleaned them.