Top 5 Reasons to Build an Addition

Do you have a charming home but feel you are outgrowing it?

If you have you been thinking about ways to add functional space to your home, an addition can be just the extra bit of room your family needs. However there are still quite a few things to consider. For those who are set on having more space, there is pretty much only 2 options. First you can sell your home and move into a larger one. Or you can hire reliable home addition builders like I did recently.

So what circumstances would cause someone to want to choose to have an addition built onto their home?

Here are the top 5 reasons people decide to add onto their houses:

  1. a-growing-familyA growing family. Maybe you bought your home before you had kids and now have another on the way. Kids value their space just like you do and additional allow them to have their own rooms. Many people also build on to their homes to add space for an aging parent or other relative.
  2. Larger incomes. Some people love the home they are in but are in the situation where they can afford more space. Maybe you want a den with a fireplace or have always wanted a sunroom or master bedroom with a bathroom attached.
  3. growing income to afford home addition
  4. increasing the value of your homeIncreased value. Adding an addition id not just an investment in your short term happiness but also in your home’s value. Especially when housing prices are on the rise, a home addition can pay for itself when it comes time to sell.
  5. changing the use of your homeChanging uses for your space. Some people decide they have different needs for space than they once did. For instance, you might need more storage because of some recent purchases or want more entertaining space in the form of a larger living room or kitchen.
  6. Custom design. When you have a home addition built, you can design the space any way you want. This is a major advantage over simply moving because how often do you get to have a space that you designed yourself? Many people know what custom designed home additiondimensions they need for their new space and take great joy in using this to add a big personalized touch to their homes.

Adding onto the current home you love can often be much simpler than packing up and moving somewhere new. You can avoid realtor fees, finding a buyer, and worrying about paying 2 mortgages. While a good deal of time, money, and effort goes into the add-on for your home as well, with the right home builder and a solid plan, your addition can be that new space you have always wanted for your home but have never been able to have.