Post Party Carpet Cleaning

Well, I have really put myself in quite the predicament.  I had decided last minute to have some friends over to my parent’s house while I was watching it and all H-E-double-hockey sticks broke loose.  It started with just a couple people, and then in a matter of minutes the get together turned into a party.  My parents own a large mansion in Northern Virginia that seemed to attract people from all over including the Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and Sterling VA area. I didn’t even know half the people there.  There were people everywhere jumping off the walls, dancing on the tables, and “acting a fool”. They totally made a mess of my entire house but I was most distraught from the enormous amounts of red wine spilled across our plush white carpeted floors. Gosh darn hoodlums!! I knew that I was partydesperately in need of a superior carpet cleaner as soon as possible.

I spent the entire following morning hitting the internet up for the best carpet cleaning all across Northern VA which is when I came across Absolute Carpet Care. There was a lot of competition out there but when I visited their website I was very impressed with all of their prior experience and knowledge they were eager to share. I decided to give them a ring which was probably one of the best decisions I made since throwing that little shin dig. I spoke with the representative and told her my store of how my carpets were ruined by massive amounts of red wine being saturated into my white carpets. They responded by confidently saying that this would not be a problem and they promptly set me up with an appointment for the following day. My parents were coming home in 4 more days so this was perfect time to allow for drying .

wine carpet I had scheduled the appointment for 8 PM and they were not a minute late. Our carpet cleaning service technician came fully prepared and he was really an all-around great guy. He knew a party had gone on and jokingly asked why I hadn’t invited him. He also filled me in on how safe the cleaning solutions. Evidently they are all made from plant based proteins with no added perfumes, VOC’s, phosphates, or hazardous chemicals. This is good to know next time I throw a party and have people passed out all over my floor.

After our carpet cleaning technician had left, I was relieve to find myself with a fresh and new looking carpet. I was so glad I contacted Absolute Carpet Care and hope this post helps you!