How To Prepare Your Home For Natural Disasters

Getting Ready for Earthquakes in California

If you live in certain states, it’s important to find a home that is equipped for natural disasters or build additions yourself. In Kansas, for example, it would be ideal to have a safe place to go in the event of a tornado. Having a first aid kit on hand and rope or ladders in rooms for quick escapes are other ways to make sure you are as prepared as possible.

In California, you need to prepare for earthquakes. First of all, most homes are already built to withstand the underground waves. The force of an earthquake should pass through the house and leave the foundation and entire building intact. Another key element is to make sure your gutters are functioning properly so that it catches the water. When the soil around a home’s foundation absorbs water, the softened soil will move easily and cause more damage to a structure.

One of the main ways that people prepare their homes for earthquakes is by anchoring tall shelves, tables, and heavy items to the wall. This would mean ensuring that cupboards are locked shut so dishes cannot come flying out and TVs and bookcase are fastened to the wall. Other items that you would not primarily think of tying to the wall would be water heaters and other utilities. Water and gas pipes should be flexible so they do not rupture as the ground moves.

And don’t forget about those who can’t take care of themselves. For instance, those receiving elder care in Alameda CA will need some extra help in the event of a natural disaster. Seniors may not be able to evacuate quickly, and they could need some help with the handy work involving earthquake proofing a home.

Following all of these precautions can help keep your home safe and sound. Fortunately, most places in these areas come equipped. It’s important to make sure all of your needs are met to keep you out of harm’s way in an unfortunate situation.