6 Reasons to Get Energy-Efficient Windows


Windows play a key role in enhancing the functional and aesthetic aspects of buildings. For example, they allow natural light to stream indoors, as well as enhance the d├ęcor. However, windows can act as conduits for unwanted energy gains or losses, thereby leading to higher home heating/cooling costs. An effective way of resolving this problem is by replacing old windows with modern energy-efficient ones. Below are six reasons for choosing energy-efficient windows.


Cut Energy Losses

According to an article published by Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, windows occupy 15 to 20% of the surface area of the average American building. However, they account for more heat loss per square foot of surface area than any other building feature in the winter (irrespective of whether the walls are properly insulated or not). In fact, figures from the US Department of Energy (DOE) show that windows account for 50% of energy losses in American residential/commercial properties. This is because windows in the past were manufactured to be functional, not energy efficient. Moreover, some of the technologies deployed by the manufacturers of energy efficient windows are relatively new. With this in mind, the DOE reckons you can reduce these energy losses by 40 to 70% by simply using energy efficient replacement windows. If your windows are not energy efficient, you should consider window replacement today.


Reduce Energy Expenses

The energy losses discussed above translate to unnecessary expenses that can go as high as $900 per residential property annually, the DOE reports. Throughout the US, these losses add up to an eye-watering sum of $20 billion every year, according to the Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering. From these figures, it is clear that the average homeowner could lose thousands of dollars in energy expenditure over a span of five years only. By installing quality and energy efficient windows, you will lower your home’s energy costs substantially.


Environmental Protection

Environmental awareness among American consumers has improved significantly since the 1970s due to the tireless efforts of scientists, concerned individuals, and government bodies such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This has led to the emergence of a “green” or “eco-friendly” property niche that specifically caters to environmentally conscious buyers and investors. If you are passionate about conserving the environment, purchasing and installing energy efficient windows will reduce your home’s carbon footprint by a significant percentage. In fact, the DOE reckons that windows manufactured with energy efficiency in mind could cut your home’s carbon footprint by 1,147-3,839 pounds of CO2 every year.


Boost property value

A growing number of homebuyers are willing to pay top dollar for properties that have been optimized or built from the ground up to be energy efficient. This means investing in energy efficient appliances and features is a great way of boosting your property’s value. In fact, figures from the National Association of Realtor’s 2015 Remodeling Impact Report show that homeowners can recoup as much as 80% of the cost of installing energy efficient windows. In some cases, windows can make the difference between finding a buyer quickly and languishing for months with an unsold property. Remember, most property hunters are unwilling to spend their hard-earned money on properties that are “energy hungry.” Nevertheless, it is important to note that windows are just one of the value propositions that buyers consider during real estate transactions.


Improve Curb Appeal

Besides energy efficiency, modern windows are designed to be aesthetically appealing meaning they can boost your home’s curb appeal as well. This can be beneficial in several ways even if you do not intend to divest in the near future. For instance, you could leverage curb appeal when applying for a loan with your home as the collateral. In addition, neighboring properties will also get a value boost because buyers tend to shun houses in locations where residents do not care about curb appeal.


Improve Indoor Comfort

Depending on where you live, winter temperatures can drop well below zero degrees meaning heat loss via windows can compromise your home’s comfort. For starters, cold drafts seeping indoors could make your home uninhabitable. In turn, your home’s heating appliances are likely to consume more energy leading to higher bills throughout winter. At the same time, low temperatures support mold growth, which in turn could exacerbate health conditions such as asthma. This is in addition to increasing the risk of cold and flu like diseases, the Mayo Clinic explains. Moreover, James Wedner, an asthma expert based at the Washington University in St. Louis says inhaling cold air alone could lead to an asthma attack. For this reason, consider installing energy efficient replacement windows to prevent health complications and improve indoor comfort.



If your home has old windows (more than ten years old), it is advisable to replace them with modern ones that are more energy efficient. By doing so you would be able to add curb appeal to your home, improve indoor comfort during winter, increase your property’s value, reduce your energy expenses, lower energy losses, and help to conserve the environment. Your local window representatives at Richmond Window are happy to help you find energy-efficient replacement windows if you’re ready to make the plunge but unsure where to start.